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Go for Gold: Why High-Tech Lens Technology Matters for Elite Athletes

Elite sprinters count on high-performance technology: Eyewear designed specially for runners as they aspire to set new world records. Find out what obstacles the team had to overcome.

On your mark, get set, focus! An elite sprinter must be in peak physical condition to achieve speeds of up to 40 km/h during a race. But even though charging ahead at 12.2 meters per second requires great physical effort, we should not forget the key role placed by runners’ gear as they compete. As soon as they take off, athletes must focus entirely on the finish line. As they don’t have a second to spare, looking to the side or over their shoulder is simply not an option. Moving in and out of the light and shade in the stadium poses a potential distraction and may prevent a runner from keeping their eyes on the prize.

In order to sharpen their focus and to redefine the limits of high-performance eyewear, Nike and ZEISS collaborated on designing a new product for elite athletes. Watch the video and find out what obstacles the team had to overcome.

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Further information

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