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Investigating New Worlds

The Jakobsens, a husband and wife team, investigate what nobody else has ever seen before: hitherto unknown species in the ocean. And they take a ZEISS Primovert routine microscope with them.

Plummeting 1000 meters in 45 minutes: only 10 submarines in the world are capable of descending to a depth of one kilometer and withstanding the pressure of 100 bar. The 7.5-meter-long submarine LULA 1000 of the German couple Joachim and Kirsten Jakobsen is one of them.

Joachim Jakobsen, submarine builder and underwater filmmaker

“More people have been on Mount Everest than in the deep-sea.”

They use it to dive into a truly fascinating world: the deep sea off the coast of the Azores. They have one goal – to discover hitherto unknown species in the ocean. Many species are still undocumented and unnamed. With the aid of the microscope, the Jakobsens would like to reveal single-cell organisms that are not visible with the naked eye. They collect sea water using a type of tap right inside the submarine, then search the samples for single-celled organisms on-site using a ZEISS Primovert routine microscope.

The Rebikoff-Niggeler-Foundation

Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen, Professor at the Zoological Institute of the University of Cologne in Germany, founded the non-profit Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation which now operates the 7.50-meter-long LULA 1000 submarine, on the Azorean island of Faial, in 1994. Lula is Portuguese for “squid.” The submarine was completed in 2013 and can accommodate three people. One dive lasts about four to five hours, and about 40 to 50 dives are completed each year.

Further information

To the detailed interviews with Joachim and Kirsten Jakobsen:

Further information

To the detailed interviews with Joachim and Kirsten Jakobsen:

Diving with the Submersible “LULA 1000”
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