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During lunch breaks or global meetings, on the phone, at a conference: that’s when we all hear the most motivational, unbelievable, endearing and inspiring stories about ZEISS. Why don’t we all collect and share them?

Conversations with international colleagues and customers revealed a desire for one ZEISS wide platform, making brand inspiring stories available globally.

ZEISS stories take you into our customers’ worlds, showing their impact in their respective fields. It also features ZEISS responsibility across the world. Last, but not least, ZEISS stories contains educational material around our key technologies.

ZEISS Stories is about you. And we want to make it with you.

We invite you all to develop ZEISS stories with us! You are welcome to comment underneath the articles, vote the articles up and down, indicate how much you liked articles or whether you would like to consume more on a certain topic.

ZEISS Stories is about an agile world. So it’s an agile platform

Sharing stories about an everchanging world cannot happen on a rigid platform. ZEISS stories will change, with your feedback, with technology, with social networks.

ZEISS Stories is all about being able to share experience.

As you will see, there are lots of sharing opportunities, via email, facebook, twitter, LInkedIN. Underneath the articles, on the homepage, directly from the facts & figures. Share the stories you like, but also: Share your stories with us. Connect with us, share your story and contribute your picture to the world of optics.

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